Database Details

This article will provide you with information on how and why the Kitto database works the way it does. This database is (almost) completely in the third-normalized form, so it is optimized for write operations. The only non-normalized area is in the private message table.

I will be explaining tables in 'clusters'. A 'cluster' is a group of related tables on the ER (entity relationship) drawing to the right. These tables will be close together (hence 'cluster'). Each table in a cluster will receive a bullet-point with a short description of its purpose. If there are any noteworthy columns in that table (columns whose purpose is non-obvious or otherwise require explanation), they will receive a bullet-point under that table.

An ER diagram is available in PNG format. You should consult this diagram whilst reading the below.

User Cluster

Permission Cluster

See the permission system details article for more information on how permissions work.

Private Message Cluster

Pet Cluster

Item Cluster

Shop Cluster

Board Cluster

Utility Tables

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